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Power Flush

Why Does My Central Heating Need Power Flushing or a Descale ?

Rust occurs in all central heating systems producing a black( iron oxide ) sludge, in hard water areas, lime scale builds up in combination boilers just like in you kettle causing following problems: 


   What Will I Get After a Power Flush or Descale?

  • Efficient central heating and hot water

  • Optimum working hot radiators and hot water

  • Corrosion protected central heating

  • Scale protected system

  • Lower fuel bills

  • Peace of mind

  • Guarantee Certificate

  • Central heating system cleaned as thoroughly as possible



Making Existing Central Heating Work Like New

Power Flush a Central Heating Systems Blocked by Sludge (Rust)

The Problem – Rust

Central Heating Systems corrode internally, when air is in the system, producing black iron oxide sludge deposits in radiators and other iron components. These particles stick to all surfaces, causing premature failure of pumps and valves, cold unbalanceable radiators, blocked boiler heat exchangers and hot water heating coils. Overall system efficiency is greatly reduced and fuel wasted.

The Solution and Long Term Protection – Power Flush


We connect a Power flush machine and powerful Magnet filter to central heating system pipe work by either removing the central heating pump or a radiator. Flush the whole system without removing any additional radiators.

Power flush machine is set up so water flows from the radiators to a Magnet filter, collecting all the iron oxide sludge, before reaching the boiler to minimise debris entering boiler heat exchanger.

A rust remover chemical (normally phosphoric acid based, an ingredient in Cola drinks and why a rusty coin is cleaned by Cola) is added and boiler turned on.

Radiator surface temperature is measured using Infrared Thermometers to detect cold/rust spots.

By concentrating the flow through individual radiators and vibrating the radiators the rust spots are removed.

One by one radiators, heating coils and all pipe work are power flushed with clean water until water samples tested using electronic TDS (cleanliness) and pH Meters show clean and neutral readings.

Small amount of Neutraliser is added to compensate for residual chemical cleaner, then Rust Inhibitor is added and circulated throughout the system.

The Power flush machine is removed and the central heating system reinstated. Heating is turned on and the radiators are balanced to optimise system efficiency.


Don`t take The Risk Of :

  • High fuel bills!

  • Boiler damage!

  • Boiler breakdown!

  • High breakdown call out charges!

  • Invalid boiler warranty !

Hansons Plumbing & Heating has been trained by Norstrom Group, the leader in water treatment for central heating systems.

Call today to book in for a Powerflush to improve your heating system on 01865 244172

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